Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boag endorsed by CLT

Citizens for Limited Taxation has endorsed Republican George Boag, a candidate for state representative:

State rep candidate George Boag has been endorsed by Citizens For Limited Taxation’s 2 ½ PAC. “I am thrilled because no organization has done more to expose office holders that vote against taxpayers while they campaign as protaxpayer,” Boag said.

Francis Faulkner, executive director of the PAC said in a statement, “We need to put people like George Boag in the State legislature to continue the fight for the income tax rollback and to block any attempt to impose new taxes.

Boag’s opponent Colleen Garry received 33% on CLTs most recent taxpayer rating.

The Column's Take

Today's Column made predictions for Tuesday's election. They called Barry Finegold and Colleen Garry "mortal locks" for their Senate and House seats, respectively. God I hope not (although I do like Garry a lot).

Barry Finegold is your typical liberal insider, his phony mailers not withstanding. Please, please, please vote for Jamison Tomasek on Tuesday. He's a solid guy who will do the right thing and stand up for the people of Dracut, Andover, Tewksbury, and Lawrence.

Come on folks - we can't keep preaching how we want change and just send the same old people back to Beacon Hill.

Closing argument

Three cheers to Gerry Nutter for a blistering take down of state Senate candidate Barry Finegold (it was also nice to run into Gerry at Market Basket yesterday). Finegold is so phony. He constantly sends out nice little mailers to independents (i.e. unenrolled) voters like me and my wife in which he never, ever, ever, ever, ever mentions his political party and touts his "independence." Barry Finegold independent of the Speaker and Governor? Please, and I weigh 165 lbs.

But, Finegold's minions aren't afraid to send out false fliers about his opponent, Jamison Tomasek. Now, as a pro-lifer I am not going to defend Tomasek on his views on abortion but I am not the least bit surprised that the Democrats (aka SEIU) are sending out false information about his views. Remember the flier the Democrats sent out about Scott Brown and his apparent view that rape victims should be refused treatment? Disgusting. These people will sink to no low to maintain power.

The Democrats in Massachusetts feel like they have a Divine Right to power and scoff at anyone who has the temerity to challenge them. If anyone votes for an incumbent Democrat on Tuesday then they have what's coming to them. The Democrats treat us all like chumps and trained's time to send a message loud and clear.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sun endorsements

The Lowell Sun has made its endorsements for the state Senate and House races and they endorsed both Democrats running for the Dracut seats- Barry Finegold for Senate and incumbent Colleen Garry for the House. I am not surprised they endorsed Garry as she is the stronger of the three candidates but I am shocked they backed Finegold over Jamison Tomasek, especially since they endorsed perennial Republican candidate Sandi Martinez in Chelmsford. Certainly Tomasek is more palatable than Martinez? Barry Finegold?? Please.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dracut Food Pantry

The Town of Dracut will be having a food drive the night of Town Meeting and on Election Day. There will be bins at Dracut High School at Monday night's Town Meeting as well as at polling places throughout the town on Tuesday. The food will be donated to the Dracut Food Pantry.

The food pantry especially needs the following:

Canned tomato products
Baked beans
Canned fruit/vegetables
Tuna fish
Personal products
Coffee/Hot Chocolate/Tea
Breakfast Items

Dracut always comes through for its own. Let's show once again Dracut Being Dracut!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sheehan and pensions

In The Column today, independent state representative candidate Matthew Sheehan pledged not to take a pension if elected. But the Sun points out that Sheehan has been enrolled in the town's pension plan since 2008. Sheehan told the Sun he won't take the money when he retires, however. Rather "that was something that came" with the position.

If he's not going to take the money then they're must be a way to shut off contributions, no? That could save the taxpayers a few bucks. Either way, I am glad he's taking this position. I don't think politicians should get pensions either. Hardly any private sector company gives pensions anymore, it's time for the public sector to stop treating the taxpayers like their personal ATM's.

Sheehan ad

In what's been an otherwise quiet state representative race, today I saw what I believe it is the first print advertisement - this for Matthew Sheehan. Located above The Column, it is of a picture of the Tyngsboro bridge that says:

Once a regal symbol of community, its green arches in harmony with the lush scenery. Ten Years of delay, excuses, and blight, when is enough-enough?

Then in bold and capital letters:

My pledge to the voters of Tyngsboro is to get the bridge reopened.

Not bad actually. I can't believe they're still working on that thing. My son even asks when we can drive over it and he's 3! I am sure the workers are living by the old adage, "Don't kill the job."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

State Rep. Debate

Yesterday the Lowell Sun hosted a debate between the three candidates for state representative - State Rep. Colleen Gary, Republican George Boag, and Independent Matthew Sheehan. I haven't had an opportunity to watch it but today's Sun has a rundown.

There didn't seem to be any groundbreaking revelations or knock out punches but I was surprised that Garry defended pensions the way she did. She claims that state employees make less than private sector workers, something I dispute. Even if they do get paid less, they get benefits that are are unimaginable in the private sector - health insurance for life, Cadillac plans, every conceivable holiday off, pensions, etc. Name me one private sector job that gives big pensions anymore. It's all defined contribution plans now (aka 401k/403b plans). I think Garry was being a little disingenuous when she said state workers can't convert to a 401k because they "aren't educated" on them. Come on. This isn't 1977 anymore, it's not that hard. Garry also came out against cities and towns from having control over plan designs. Currently cities and towns can make changes to their health insurance plans but only with 75% of the unions backing the change, an absurd threshold. Again, opposition to this idea is very archaic. No workers have that much control over their health plans anymore. Unions for that matter only really exist in the public sector anymore.

I would think that Garry hurt herself more than helped. Again I didn't watch the debate so I can't make a full judgement but in this anti-incumbent world, for a long term incumbent to back hack pensions and Cadillac health care plans for public sector workers doesn't seem to be a smart strategy. Add in her support of "hack holidays" and Boag and Sheehan have some issues to run against her.

In the end, I think Garry pulls it out but it may be very close. Stay tuned.