Monday, May 2, 2011

Election analysis

The results were as people expected - incumbents John Zimini and Bob Cox were re-elected to the Board of Selectmen and Matthew Sheehan was re-elected to a second term on the School Committee. Fire Chief Leo Gaudette easily defeated Chris Jenkins for Town Moderator.

But the news of the night was the high school project which won 3,894-1,748 with 316 blanks. It wasn't even close. Mega kudos to the Friends of a New Dracut High School for an amazing effort to get people to back the project and for getting people to the polls. 5,958 (or 31%) voters came out to vote - the largest number of people to vote in a May election in well over 10 years. The previous high was 5,048 in 1999. This may represent a seismic shift in town politics as a new breed of voters was awoken this year. Here's hoping they stay involved.

As for the races, voters felt that things were going well enough to stay the course. Sheehan had a scare winning by 158 votes with 414 blanks (2,844-2,686). If those blanks went to May Paquette in any significant number, Sheehan would have been in trouble.

Zimini topped the ticket with 2,943 votes. Cox followed with 2,661, Tony Archniski got 2,470, and Ted Kosiavelon got 1,842. This is huge for Zimini has many (including yours truly) wrote him off last year. Now he topped the ticket.

I was sad to see Jenkins lose so big to Gaudette (3,774-1,532). Jenkins was at Town Hall tonight and seems like a great guy - I hope he runs for something again but he's not too sure. I don't think a town official should hold an elected position but alas, the voters have spoken.

Linda Trouville and Cheryl Storm were unopposed and won the two seats for Library Trustee.

A rather anti-climatic night but a good night for the high school. Hope for the future won over fear and doom and gloom. Has a new era has dawned?

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Shawn said...

I'm not that concerned about the Fire Chief having the Moderator position in terms of the town meetings themselves, as his job at that point is just following the rules of moderating a meeting (he has no input or control over content).
As to the selection of candidates for board appointments, I never saw a problem with his appointments when he was in before and many of them are still doing a great job years later with no political agenda (though I'm not sure who appointed the late Gary Marsella, who did get a little political at the end).